Michèle believes that art is a medium for the elevation of the spirit, yet her work remains rooted in the experience of everyday life. She presents images of her own surroundings, symbolizing the sustenance she draws from the environment in which she lives: household objects, landscapes and the varied structures within it, plants, trees, stones, hedges, grass, the odd image of a fish or a cow, wind mill or a bird.
“They are objects which we usually take for granted, but the extent to which we take these everyday objects for granted is the precise extent to which they govern and inform our lives – representing the logos of a culture and recording its life history.”
She prefers the subject matter to be simplistic. Her approach is based on visual sensations and the theme is just the vehicle for the interaction of line, form, mark and texture with colour as the most important element for optic and psychological impact. The individual parts are studied / taken from life, the totality is imagined – her aim not to copy nature, but to re-interpret it.

The driving force behind her work is energy. An energy established by activating the canvas with chance markings – initially using the blank surface as a palette or space to jot notes down and then proceeding with the actual painting which ultimately becomes a dialogue between the artist and the information on the canvas. Since 2011, the bird theme has been featuring strongly in her work. These familiar images, mostly non-specific or anonymous in kind, mirror certain human truths by capturing a gesture, a mood, an emotion – representing the day to day events of her life.
“Although I interpret nature, I strive to express the essential character of things, submitting it to the spirit of the place… a condensation of sensations, so to speak.”
The eventual context and meaning of the work is a “happy accident” and she wants the viewer to interpret the work according to his or her own imagination and frame of reference.